Flu & Covid Vaccines

Camden's Charter School Network will host free flu and Covid-19 Vaccinations on November 2nd from 12:00pm - 3:00pm at Katz Dalsey

Virtua Mobile Pediatrics will administer free flu shots to children 6 months old to 17 years years old. A parent must be present for the child to get the vaccine. It is a NJ State mandatory vaccination for Pre-K only. 

Cooper Hospital will also be onsite to give Covid-19 shots to adults and children from 12 years and up. Student’s under 17 years old must have consent from a parent or caregiver. Parent or Caregiver must be present. Please bring your vaccination cards if you have one. Gift Cards available for all students and community members receiving the vaccine.

Please contact Nurse Delgado at the KATZ-Dalsey campus ext. 808 or Ndelgado@camdencsn.org with any questions - we hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to vaccinate yourself and your loved ones.