Camden's Pride Curriculum


The network’s curriculum and supporting resources are aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. These standards outline what students are expected to learn at each grade level or grade band to ensure a consistent student experience across schools and classrooms. These standards also ensure coherence as students progress from Kindergarten through grade 12. Teachers are provided with standards aligned curriculum resources and digital tools to support the development of rigorous and engaging lessons that align with the expected outcomes for their content and grade level or grade band.

Curriculum Program Overview

Elementary Programming: (Grades K - 4) 

K-2 English Language Arts (ELA): 

  • Students build the foundational skills necessary for reading through a daily phonics lesson and develop their reading comprehension skills through a teacher-led skill-focused read aloud. 

  • Students engage in a progression of  writing activities designed to  develop their ability to respond to text-based prompts, as well as write for informational and narrative purposes.

3 & 4 English Language Arts (ELA): 

  • Students build reading comprehension skills through engagement with literacy lessons that are anchored by a grade level text. These lessons also develop the vocabulary and background knowledge of students. 

K-4 Mathematics:

  • Students build math fluency, background knowledge, and conceptual understanding through daily activities including explicit modeling during whole group activities and differentiated instruction in small groups.

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