Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!

Post Secondary Planning and Career Development 

Tasks for Camden Academy Charter High School students:
  • Talk to your parents and teachers about going to college
  • Build strong relationships with your teachers
  • Visit colleges either in person or virtually, read about different colleges and universities
  • Make good personal and educational choices; use your time wisely
  • Serve in your community
  • Maintain great attendance at school, work, etc.
  • Get involved and find your passions
  • Prepare for standardized tests
  • Challenge yourself
Below you will find PLANNING TASKS FOR CAMDEN ACADEMY CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS broken up by grade level and time of the school year:


      class of 2021 - senior Year 

      1. Plan to visit colleges virtually during the shut-down due to the pandemic

      2. Update your information in Naviance

      3. Plan out your SAT and ACT testing - Prepare for both of these college tests in Naviance with "Naviance Test Prep"

        • Students should use the College Match section of Naviance to continue researching colleges
        • Students should start preparing for ACT and SAT
        • If you are applying to a 4 yr college create your Common App account at CommonApp.org,
        • If you are planning on going to the armed forces, research the branch that you are interested in and contact a recruiting office
        • If you are planning on attending a trade school, research several trade schools and the programs they offer
        • Students and parents should start finalizing college preferences
        • Parents: Order a copy of your IRS tax transcript for 2019
        • Students must decide if they will be taking the SAT Subject tests: certain colleges require them; find out if any of your schools require the subject test
        • Students must complete one “Student Brag Sheet” survey in Naviance for each teacher from whom they wish to receive a letter of recommendation, and one “Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire request” form as well as formally request a letter from each teacher in the “colleges I am applying to” section of Naviance
        • Students who wish to participate in a team sport in college need to register with NCAA Clearinghouse
        • College essay must be completed--Check out the Common App essays questions
        • Schedule an appointment with Ms. O’Brien if you plan to apply to a college through the “early decision” process
        • Set a plan for the year: fill your calendar with application deadlines
        • Research EOF programs in NJ, and get to know the process
        • If you are going to the military, start preparing for the ASVAB, which is the Military aptitude examination
        • If you are going to trade school, contact the schools you are interested in applying to and set up an appointment with them
        • The 2020- 2021 FAFSA goes live this month! Start getting your parents’ financial information so you are ready to fill out your financial aid
        • Speaking of FAFSA, you and a parent need to create your FSA ID. You should also order your parents’ tax transcript for 2019! If you have a sibling that is in college currently or has attended within the last 4 yrs, your parents should have a FAFSA ID
        • Final college essay must be complete by October 26
        • Students applying to Rutgers University by the priority deadline must complete their applications by October 26; priority application deadline is November 1
        • Students planning to apply to Rutgers University must complete application by November 23; application deadline is December 1
        • College Deadlines are approaching! If you have a January 1 deadline, your applications must be complete by December 18 (the week before we go on Winter Break)
        • Have both your college applications AND your FAFSA complete before Winter Break
        January-College Awareness Month at Camden Academy High School
        • There are still colleges you can apply to; many colleges have January or February 15 application deadlines
        • Check out the planned instant decision days at your school
        • If you have not completed the FAFSA, please do so
        • If you are planning on attending a community college, create your account and fill out your application
        • College applications should be finalized
        • Watch for your financial aid packages; students and parents with questions about their financial aid packages should reach out to their counselor
        • Students accepted to college should be receiving financial aid packages, if you have not received a package from your school of choice, call the financial aid office immediately
        • If you have not yet decided where you are going to college, keep weighing your options; be sure to visit as many campuses as you can
        • College selection process should be wrapping up: May 1st is decision day
        • If you have not visited the colleges you’ve been accepted to, use spring break to make that happen
        • Students intending to participate in the EOF program at Camden County College should complete the EOF application
        • May 1 is National College Decision Day--Stay tuned for exciting programming
        • College deposits due - the average college deposit is between $100 and $500; plan accordingly
        • Once you have selected a college, you’ll have paperwork to fill out for your new school
        • Just because you are graduating doesn’t mean we are not here to help...please reach out to us when you have questions 

Class of 2022 - Junior Year


This timeline is a guide to assist you with making your own calendar of important dates.

  • Create/update your Resume in Naviance 
    • Complete all assessments 
    • Establish your "I’m Thinking About This College" list
  • Decide which schools you may want to visit
  • Take the PSAT one more time for practice (October)
  • Attend the Camden Academy College Fair (Date TBD)
  • Attend the Camden Academy Financial Aid Night (Date TBD)
  • Complete Junior community service hours required for graduation
  • Complete the Game Plan in Naviance 
  • Begin visiting schools and gathering further information either in person or virtually
  • Meet with your counselor for a Post-Secondary Planning conference
  • Begin taking standardized tests (SAT/ACT/ Subject Tests)
  • Attend a Spring College Fair visit: www.nationalcollegefairs.org
  • Consider a summer enrichment program or internship
  • Before leaving for summer break, begin asking at least two teachers for recommendation letters
  • Complete a Brag Sheet and provide this to each teacher you are requesting a letter from
  • Complete a recommendation request through Naviance
  • Continue visiting colleges and gathering information
  • Get a head start on completing senior Community Service hours
    • You may begin as early as the end of your Junior year at Academy!
  • Continue to volunteer and stay involved, perhaps attend a summer program or internship
  • Narrow down your “Colleges I’m thinking about” (5-7 schools)
  • Move “Colleges I’m thinking about” to “Colleges I’m applying to” in Naviance

Class of 2023 - Sophomore Year


  • Meet with your counselor
  • Start classes strong; connect with your teachers; ask for help when needed
  • Take the PSAT in October
  • Visit local colleges
  • Plan for next year's classes. Challenge yourself!
  • Consider mentors; put someone in your corner
  • Unpack your PSAT scores - use them to determine where you need to build 
  • List what is important in your college search
  • Start planning for summer; SAT prep? Job? Service? College program?
  • Finalize your schedule for next year: are there AP or Honors classes you should be taking?
  • Talk to your teachers, counselors, librarians about summer reading
  • Explore job shadowing opportunities
  • Talk to college students
  • Start to talk to your parents about paying for college
  • Prepare for junior year
  • Investigate why college matters
  • Bank the money you make at your job along with new skills learned

CLASS OF 2024 - Freshman year


  • Meet with your counselor
  • Get engaged with your teachers, ask for help when needed
  • Explore co-curricular activities
  • Take the PSAT in October
  • Start thinking about what classes you want to take next year
  • Research your career preferences: use Naviance and explore your talents
  • Start planning for the summer
  • Finalize your schedule for next year
  • Investigate college majors
  • Take advantage of service opportunities
  • Create a plan for summer that you will be proud of
  • Evaluate freshman year and pledge to build or restart
  • Seek summer activities that contribute to your future
  • Complete your summer reading and assignments
  • Visit colleges