Promise Teacher of the Month - Mr. Smith

Mr. Thomas Smith was chosen by his colleagues as the December Teacher of the Month for Camden's Promise.  He is a teacher who exemplifies what it means to be a "Lion who ROARS" - Respectful, Organized, Acting with Empathy, Ready to Learn, and Safe. Thomas has dedicated twenty years of service to the students of the Charter network.

Mr. Smith has forged relationships with students which have stretched beyond the classroom, and he remains in contact with many of them as adults. In class, he is able to connect with students on a personal level through his own life experiences, and he brings 30+ years of military service to the Social Studies classroom.

Mr. Smith is the proud father of 2, and he coaches basketball and soccer as well as serves as a starter and stroke & turn judge for Mid Atlantic Swim LLC. Fun fact: Mr. Smith has an identical twin!

Congratulations to Mr. Smith, and thank you for being a teacher who ROARS!