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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement - The mission of Camden’s Charter School Network is to expand educational opportunity in Camden City through continuing the work started with Camden’s Promise, Camden Academy, Camden’s Pride, and Katz Dalsey. The goal is to give all youth and their families in Camden an equal opportunity to achieve their greatest potential, to raise awareness of education policy, to expand resources from preschool to post-secondary experience, to build leadership, and support program capacity for the City of Camden.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement - As a Network, we believe our children deserve the best when it comes to their education. To facilitate the learning process, we offer more digital tools for our teacher and students than ever before:

  • Technology Curriculum-Centric Professional Development

  • Anytime, Anywhere Resources Access

  • High-Speed Content Delivery Network Infrastructure

  • Multimedia Active Whiteboards

  • Digital Projectors

  • One-to-One Tablet Initiative

  • Online Learning Management System

  • High-Speed Campus-Wide Wireless Access

  • 24/7

  • Virtual Library


After School Program