Welcome to Camden's Charter School Network 5K Virtual Run!

Our goal is to get everyone at Camden's Charter School Network exercising and competing for a great cause - YOUR HEALTH!

What are the rules for our Virtual Run? 

  • Come up with a course to match the distance of a 5K run.
  • Run outside or on a treadmill. You can also bike or walk.
  • This is 35 minutes of exercise.
  • Wear school gear such as Camden's Promise, Camden Academy, Camden's Pride, Katz Dalsey Academy, or Camden's Charter School Network apparel.
  • Report your time with a quick video upload or a selfie with your activity and distance by May 20.
  • This is an honor system virtual run.
  • Everyone who participates (family included) will get a free Quarantine Network t-shirt.

How do you submit? Submit your run details HERE by May 20th including: 

  1. Selfie photo or video
  2. Run-walk-bike time
  3. Shirt size
  4. Mailing address

Remember to use CDC recommendations including social distancing during these times. 

FYI - a 5K race is 3.1 miles. While this event is a 5K, the anticipation is for us to get moving for a straight 35 minutes of activity.