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The Katz Dalsey Scholars Program is a leadership development program designed to support and train Camden youth as they discover their place and role in society. Built on the vision and legacy of two key Camden activists, Mr. Lewis Katz and Ms. Marcy Dalsey, students pledge to apply their skills, manpower, and knowledge to create social change for the betterment of their community. The Katz Dalsey Scholars Program is rooted in the belief that Camden youth are our next leaders for peace, equality and social justice in the city of Camden and the world.


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The mission of the Camden’s Charter School Network is to expand educational opportunity in Camden City through continuing the work started with Camden’s Promise, Camden Academy, Camden’s Pride and KATZ Academy. The goal is to give all children in Camden an equal opportunity to achieve their highest potential, to raise awareness for education through policy, to expand resources, to build leadership, and support program capacity for the City of Camden.click here to donate

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