Welcome to Camden’s Pride Charter School

Mission Statement

The purpose of Camden’s Pride Charter School is to provide a nurturing learning environment that instills foundation skills and character attributes necessary for the development of educated, forward-thinking and responsible young adults.

The Foundation

  1. Academics  Camden’s Pride Charter School curriculum is anchored by the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and is delivered in a small-school, theme-based environment. Digital learning is fully integrated into the classroom to deliver a dynamic program that meets the needs of incoming classes.  A special focus is placed on enhancing our students’ skills in literacy, mathematics and technology.
  2. Experiences  Camden’s Pride Charter School operates within a Children’s Museum environment. This environment allows students to participate in Montessori style learning daily. This environment allows for concepts introduced within the classroom to be further developed and processed through play, experimentation, and creation to bring about a richer understanding of the concepts in a multi-aged setting.
  3. Character  Camden’s Pride Charter School creates a safe, caring environment that is non-biased and open to all learners.  Camden’s Pride Charter School provides programs and service projects that develop critical thinking, team-building and ethical problem solving skills.  Through this learning process students establish intellectual habits and build character traits that will stimulate student enthusiasm and interest in their world and society.