Academics & Guidance

Students at Knowledge A to Z Charter School are assessed in a number of ways.  These include the New Jersey State Assessment for 3rd and 4th Grade, the Terra Novas for K-4, as well as teacher and publisher produced tests, skill checklists, portfolios, and cumulative projects.  All of these assessments are utilized to determine grade promotion of a student.

Report Cards are quarterly. There are three mandatory Parent & Teacher Conferences to review report cards and student academic progress.  Students receive grades in all subjects.


Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and Specials
O = Outstanding – Consistently grasps, applies and extends key concepts, processes and skills. Works beyond stated goals.

S = Satisfactory – Grasps and applies key concepts, processes and skills. Meets stated goals.

N = Needs Improvement – Beginning to grasp and apply key concepts, processes and skills. Making less than expected progress.

U = Unsatisfactory – Not grasping key concepts, processes and essential skills. Area of concern that requires support.

= Demonstrates use of skill and strategy

3rd & 4th Grade Academic Scale
A = 100-93
B = 92-85
C = 84-75
D = 74-70
F = 69 and below

Beginning of Kindergarten: Yellow
Middle of Kindergarten: Two Yellow
End of Kindergarten: Green
Beginning of 1st Grade: Two Green
Middle of 1st Grade: Blue
End of 1st Grade: Two Blue
Beginning of 2nd Grade: Red
End of 2nd Grade: Two Red
3rd Grade: White
4th Grade: Black