Would you recommend our network schools to parents?


“Yes, I would recommend network schools to parents because not only does this school prepare you for college, but they also prepare you to live a better life.” – Jasmine Little, College of St. Elizabeth

“I would 100 percent recommend charter network schools to parents because the students really earn, and teachers really do go out of their way to help you succeed. I believe this school will do great things for Camden city and for all of the students who will attend college after charter.” – Christina Mercado, Rowan University


Q: What are some of your earliest memories as a student of Camden’s Charter School Network?


“Learning lots of information really fast, and always learning about things to prepare me for college. I love that I was comfortable with the staff. I really enjoyed all of the work and had a lot of fun preparing for my future.” – Christina Mercado, Rowan University

“Beining pushed by teachers, feeling like I was part of the family.” - Rodolfo Coplin, Ursinus College, University of Penn


Q: What would you rate your level of college preparedness?


” From a scale of 1 to 10, it would be 10. This school has given me great insight on how to seperate school work and personal life, and great methods on studying.” – Jasmine Little, College of St. Elizabeth

“I would rate my level of college preparedness high, and higher than others.” - Jeremy Lopez, Rutgers University